Welcome to Test Drive

THE Anti-Broker


Welcome to Test Drive

THE Anti-Broker



A New Generation Of Trucking Procurement Has Arrived

The search for reliable shipping partners can be frustrating. Whether it is cost-driven or unreliable service, we understand why you may be in the market for a new carrier. Welcome to a new generation of trucking procurement!

What Is An Anti-Broker?

Test Drive is the Anti-broker. In fact, brokers don’t like us very much. Brokers aren’t inherently bad, they’re simply leveraging information shippers and carriers don’t have. On the contrary, Test Drive encourages the onboarding of asset fleets after testing, becoming a strategic versus reactionary resource for procuring new providers. This bridges the gap between carriers and shippers creating a win-win scenario for all parties.


We empower our shipping partners large and small to build direct, profitable and long-term carrier relationships. We help hundreds of companies moving thousands of loads monthly – helping shippers save money and time by connecting them to reliable trucking partners – and offering a deeper level of strategy and procurement that has never been experienced before. Since inception in 2013, we’ve saved our customers TENS OF MILLIONS in shipping expenses and helped asset fleets MAKE MORE money by avoiding reliance on brokers.


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America’s Shippers Are Reducing Their Brokerage Reliance & Partnering With Test Drive

Unknown Margin and Highly Volatile Pricing

Brokers typically push rates as high as possible to the shipper in order to increase their profit margin. They also push the carrier rate as low as possible. This frustrates carriers and drives away the best-in-class fleets.

What shipper wants their freight covered by the last option?

Lack of Transparency & Communication

In almost every situation, shippers will not know the carrier hauling their loads. Important load details are intentionally omitted to the carriers, and accessorials are rarely given to the carriers that are charged to the shipper.

What carrier wants to haul loads through a broker when they’re getting cheated on accessorials?

Back-Solicitation Clause

When brokers are handling regular lanes shippers and carriers can’t contract directly due to a “back-solicitation clause” in the contracts. There can be legal issues for both the carrier and the shipper if they do this intentionally.

What shipper wants to find the dream carrier match and never be allowed to contract with them?

Brokers Drive Market Pricing Up

Brokers fight for the same trucks in a lot of cases, creating a market driven increase even when its not warranted. The highest pay rate typically wins for the truck, so when multiple brokers are offering the same loads – rates go up.

Who wants to be susceptible to that in their network?

Test Drive vs Broker Comparison

Test Drive Brokers
Legal DOT brokerage authority
The ability live load & unload
Prefers to drop trailers
Maintains a low fixed margin
Full carrier name disclosure
Sustainable carrier solution
Full carrier rate disclosure
Introduces carriers & shippers

Test Drive vs Broker Comparison

Test Drive
Legal DOT brokerage authority
The ability live load & unload
Prefers to drop trailers
Maintains a low fixed margin
Full carrier name disclosure
Sustainable carrier solution
Full carrier rate disclosure
Introduces carriers & shippers
Legal DOT brokerage authority
The ability live load & unload
Prefers to drop trailers
Maintains a low fixed margin
Full carrier name disclosure
Sustainable carrier solution
Full carrier rate disclosure
Introduces carriers & shippers

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Client Testimonials

Jon ,Transportation Manager
Philadelphia, PA
Test Drive is a no-brainer for us. You help us locate carriers rather than preventing us to do so as most brokers do through back solicitation clauses. Read More
Test Drive just makes so much sense if its important to grow relationships with asset based carriers.
Mike ,GM of Truckload Carrier
Atlanta, GA
We were struggling to find good direct business without a sales force and found ourselves hauling more and more broker freight.Read More
We approached Test Drive to help change that - and 6 months later we are doing direct business with multiple new customers and growing contracted business by the week.
David , VP of Logistics
Memphis, TN
Test Drive brings a strategic backing into the shipper/carrier relationship without the many calls from carriers. Read More
Adversely, brokers by the very nature of their existence can only be tactical.
Jeff , VP of Transportation
Dallas, TX
The Test Drive team has been essential in helping our company improve delivery performance and carrier relationships.Read More
Its a collaborative approach, where they understand our needs and find carriers looking for exactly what we have. We ve been able to form direct relationships with top tier asset based carriers we may otherwise not have found, in addition to niche carriers. I view the Test Drive team as an extension of our own staff.
Steve , Supply Chain Manager
Louisville, KY
I’ve had a great experience with Test Drive. It is truly nothing like anything I’ve seen in the industry.Read More
They’ve helped us quickly gain capacity from carriers in areas of the country we needed help. We’ve then been able verify which carriers we want to onboard directly. My preference is to “test drive” any carrier before contracting them now.
Charles , VP Truckload Carrier
Chicago, IL
Test Drive has introduced me customers with the exact lanes I need and it has been an absolutely win-win for bothRead More
my company and the shipper. Without Test Drive it wouldn’t have happened - I never would have been able to gain direct access to this business through a broker or on my own.
Fortune 50 Retailer
The Test Drive concept is something totally unique in our industry, and has been a godsend to our supply chain. Its borderline genius.
Fortune 500 Paper Manufacturer
Brokers in trucking are necessary with the amount of loads we move, but they’re reactive in nature. Read More
The Test Drive model provides us with the opposite, which is strategic and longterm – you fit a niche in our supply chain we didn’t even know existed previously.
Fortune 250 Furniture Manufacturer
The ability we now have to try a carrier prior to contracting has equated to a massive time savings for our procurement team. Read More
We’ve been able quickly turn on capacity and take our time examining if the tested carrier is going to be a longterm partner or not.
Fortune 300 Food & Beverage Company
As a shipper, our preference is to deal with asset based carriers and limit the amount of business we do with brokers. Read More
Test Drive has fit us perfectly as we continue to find and test new carriers for regular lanes. This industry changes far too quickly and without notice, and Test Drive gives us the ability to quickly react but maintain a firm grasp over every carrier touching our freight.
Fortune 100 Medical Manufacturer
I really can’t believe this concept has been missing all these years in the transportation industry. Read More
We’re thrilled to be partnered with the Test Drive team, the transparency and honesty through their model has made them feel like an extension of our procurement team – and vital in identifying the best partners for us to do business with over the longterm.

Have more questions about how we operate? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions to see if we can help answer them.

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